Nov 1 2018

In case you missed it last week, here is my recent LIVE with Paul Gagné.

Our goal is to help everyone lead their best lives – stronger and more pain free than they may have ever imagined.

Neuromechanics works by making the brain communicate better with the body.

It focuses on the four main body receptors: the feet, the eyes, the jaw, and the skin.

These receptors send information to the brain about where the body is located in space. If they aren’t functioning properly, the brain is not getting all of the information it needs to properly command the body.

We make sure the neurological input sent from these sensors to the brain is at its peak, so that the output from the brain to the rest of the body is accurate and effective. An aligned body is a better performing body in every aspect.

The results are almost immediate and long-lasting.

What you can expect:
– Relief from injury-related or chronic pain
– Increased range of motion + strength
– Decreased risk of injury
– Lower stress levels
– Better reaction times
– Better quality of sleep

We’re live with Paul Gagne from B52 discussing the benefits of using the brain in sports performance. Special thanks to B52 gym for hosting us.

0:29 SWIS 2018
1:30 The brain in sports performance
2:39 The role of the foot and the eye in sports performance
3:19 The shoes and the feet
5:15 The eye and sports performance
5:45 The skin of the foot and reaction time
7:19 Different sports and proprioception
8:21 Workout your eye muscles!
10:53 Flat feet
11:58 Flat feet and hockey

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