Why are eye exercises important

If you want to look at someone’s brain and the function of the brain; look at their eyes!  The eyes are a direct conduit into the brain.  The eyes are formed from brain tissue.  To have good “eye function” will actually improve good “brain function”.The eye is not only an element of vision, it is also (with the foot) one of the most important receptors of the postural system. This has been confirmed by all of the neuroscientific work done in this field.

How to perform the eye exercises

The eye exercises, performed with your very own index (of the dominant side), serve to re-educate symmetrical movements and create a synergy between the right and left eye. They are a fundamental part of the process as the magnet only sets the stage for the re-education to take place, via the eye exercises. Start the eye exercise at 30cm away from the root of the nose, move up in a clockwise direction (no higher than the forehead and no lower than the level of the eyes). The exercise should be done 1-2 times a day for 90 seconds, before 5pm.

These eye muscles are treated with a magnet and eye exercises. The magnet is to be worn over a muscle called Rectus Lateralis. This muscle is located on the outer part of the eye and, when tight, does not allow the eye to converge (move inwards). It is the main culprit in a lack of convergence. The magnet actually calms the muscle down to allow better convergence and to equalize overall muscle tension.

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