In recent years, many researchers have investigated the various factors that can influence body posture: foot proprioception, visual systems, and the inner ear.

FEB 26 2019

Recent studies indicate that the jaw plays a role in body posture.

These studies suggest that tension in the stomatognathic system can contribute to impaired neural control of posture. If the proprioceptive information of the stomatognathic system is inaccurate, then head control and body position may be affected.

Change in the mandibular position, leads to changes in the proprioceptive and periodontal afferents, which affect the center of foot pressure (COP). Conversely, changes in body posture may also affect mandibular position.

Positive correlations between different craniofacial morphologies and postural attitudes have been reported, such as an anteriorly displaced posture in class II malocclusion, and a posteriorly displaced posture in class III malocclusion.

So your jaw position DOES affect your posture. This is especially relevant to those invested in athletic pursuits. According to this research, the correlation between malocclusion and posture and balance can have a dramatic impact on performance.

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Had an awesome time on FB LIVE with Ryan Cedermark where we discussed how your jaw can affect your posture 👄

For those of you who missed it, you can catch a replay of the LIVE on @brainchat

Here are some of the topics that were a highlight:

1️⃣The vast majority of health care professionals are unaware of the negative impact of mouth breathing on global health and sports performance

2️⃣Breathing is a key ingredient to human function and global health

3️⃣How you breathe as a child, will determine how you will look for the rest of your life!

4️⃣A constantly open mouth causes the incisors to over erupt

5️⃣How to test for reciprocal clicking

6️⃣Stop clenching your teeth!

7️⃣How to restore physiological nasal breathing

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