Posturology identifies the important conditions of balance and off-balance for a human being in the symmetry and alignment of the body. To live without discomfort and pain, balance is best maintained by having a body that is symmetrical – close to the same size, shape, and appearance on both sides of the body midline. Posturology will get you back on track to living with an active, healthy body.

Here is this week’s testimonial:

After leaving your place the first thing I noticed was that everything I looked at was brighter (Colors, textures, light). I have experienced this before after my neck has been adjusted by my chiropractor. But the difference between the two is that this effect only last two or three minutes after being adjusted, whereas Posturology’s effect is long-lasting.

The following is a list of things that I was able to do yesterday which I had not been able to do for many years without adverse consequences.

-Unscrew lids from jars
-Open windows, freezer door
-Drive without using a baseball grinding my back
-Drive without bracing my hips with the SI joint belt
-Dice vegetables
-Stretch beyond arms’ reach
-Sit without multiple pillows cradling my sacrum
-Load/unload the dishwasher

I could write much more but I think this gives you an idea of my transformation.
This morning I woke up with what felt like a new body. Everything below my head was pain-free. I had a tension headache and an aching jaw…certainly confirms your diagnosis/evaluation that my jaw is problematic.
My husband and I are astounded.

We are looking forward to learning more about how to continue to improve our lives, and the lives of our children, through Posturology.

Thank You!



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