Get your Shoes Assessed Online


Get your Shoes Assessed Online

shoe analysis

With Annette Verpillot


Your feet tell your brain where you are in space.  The sensory information from the skin of your feet makes it to parts of pour brain that control movement (motor cortex). Rigid and inflexible shoes block this communication pathway.  This can eventually lead to training plateaus, chronic pain, injury, and decreased health.


If you live out of town and are looking for some expert advice regarding your shoe wear, you can now book a call with Annette Verpillot.   Whether you are a parent looking for the best shoes wear for your child,  a weekend warrior or an athlete, shoes play a crucial role in balance, motor control, and gait.  


    A picture of your shoes from the top, the bottom and from the back, that’s it!


    What the service offers:

    -30 minutes online consult session, one-on-one with Annette Verpillot.

    -Find out which shoes you own that contribute to poor gait patterns.

    -Identify which shoe can be at the root cause of your pain.

    -Understand the links between your shoes and how they affect your posture.

    -Find out why barefoot walking is crucial for children?

    -Which shoes are causing you to be imbalanced? 


    What can I expect in the first session?

    An in-depth analysis of all the shoes that you wear daily, and whether or not these shoes are at the culprit of your knee pain or your back pain.

    Can I combine this service with another?

    Yes! You can combine the shoe analysis service with an online consultation.

    To get a discount for both services visit please emial us at

    What do I need for the call?

    You will need a maximum of 3 pairs of shoes.

    Before the call, please send us a picture from the top, the side and bottom of your shoes. This will be essential for Annette to give you advice. 


    How are the calls connected?

    All calls are connected through zoom. Make sure you have the application installed on your phone or computer. 

    You can download it here.


    How can my shoes affect my posture?

    Your foot had 26 bones, 33 joints, and over  100 ligaments. It is a structure that is designed to move in all angles. 

    Experiments show that when you inhibit sensory information from the feet people have problems maintaining stability and have problems maintaining balance.

    When you put your foot in a rigid and cushioned shoe it strips away all of the natural movement that is there for a reason.

    It’s the same as wearing a cast a couple of hours a day what you’re doing is allowing everything to relax and get soft and deactivated.

    What time will the calls be scheduled in?

    Posturepro is located in Québec, Canada. The call will be scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.

    Ok. I am ready. Where do I sign up?

    Click on this link to book your time slot. It’s that simple.

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