Whether you’re professional athlete or amateur, playing tennis for fun, a member of a local rugby or football team, a triathlete or golfer, an elite athlete, there is almost no doubt that your chosen sport is creating imbalances throughout your body, leading to potential injuries.

Posturology holds the key to obtaining an advantage in your game and preventing the likelihood of injury.

The solution is to correct your postural imbalances with will in turn instantly address any muscle weaknesses, making you more powerful, balanced and co-ordinated and injury free.

We do not have direct control over individual muscles, we can only control movement. When we choose to move, the movement is organised by subconscious centres of the brain that do not contain individual muscle actions.  Try to contract the biceps muscle without thinking of moving your arm and you can begin to appreciate how it works. What we sense is a feeling associated with that movement and not the muscle. We cannot know if an action lengthens, shortens or even uses a muscle, only that we have performed a movement we associate with the feel of it.

From years of experience working with everyone from  top-level athletes to amateurs or weaken warriors, Posturology has proven these results:

-Injury prevention
-Greater control
-Improved flexibility
-Core strength
-Added speed
-Improved reaction time

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