Many therapies address bits and pieces of how the physical body functions: techniques that relax muscles (massage therapy), techniques that adjust the joints (chiropractics, osteopathy), and techniques that tame down inflammation (physiotherapy).

All of these techniques (and many more can be included) forget to answer the most fundamental of questions: what is the physical body’s purpose? The answer is to fight gravity. The body, in terms of how it moves, answers two critical conditions: feet must be on the ground and eyes on the horizon. So what if your feet aren’t leveled? What if your eyes do not track properly? How can you sense your environment properly? How can you move efficiently? You can’t. Instead you will adjust accordingly and compensate at the cost of no longer fighting gravity efficiently.

Another disturbing question comes to mind. What if your physical therapist does not look at your base of support (your feet) and eyes muscles? Do you think he/she is looking at the big picture? Wouldn’t his/her approach be incomplete? The answer is yes.

Posturology allows us to evaluate the sensory entries that aren’t working optimally (foot, eye, jaw, scars) so that we can have an impact on your imbalances which are causing you pain. Many proprioceptive dysfunctions symptoms are taken by organic diseases and their classical treatment becomes a disaster because many doctors are ignoring these kinds of dysfunctions.

We live in a symptomatic era, where pharmaceutical companies make a killing off of your ignorance. Posturology is the medical science which studies the consequence on the proprioceptive system linked to wrong systematic body position. This dysfunction can affect all parts of the human body and a differential diagnosis must be done.

An aligned frame is the foundation for optimal movements of all joints. When joints move well, there is no need for muscle tension, arthritis, and the likelyhood for nerve compression is then reduced significantly. Through Posturology, we can address the mechanical factor by optimizing the function of the tendons, joints and skin so that your body can, in turn, help you contract muscles properly.The central nervous system is at the core of Posturology’s  focus. It is the missing link where all other therapies have failed.

Question is, what are you waiting for?

The Posturepro Team
Changing Lives