Why We Exist

Posturepro teaches a cutting-edge system to healthcare professionals and offers an ultra-fast approach for getting out of pain, optimizing your health, and maximizing your athletic performance.

Posturepro wants to transform lives and revolutionize the health and wellness industry through an unwavering commitment to deliver innovative education, solutions, and tools with integrity, that produce life-changing results. Our mission is the understanding of many disorders treated symptomatically.

We are an educational organization that teaches seminars in Postural Recalibration, but will ultimately become the primary arm for associations of therapists that will continue to grow and develop teaching materials and tools to help with learning and application of techniques in treating those suffering in pain.

Posturepro is working toward the following objectives:


Continue the development of our seminar series which are designed to give the practicing clinicians a depth and breadth of knowledge in regards to posture as prevention;

Diversify educational models to reach and teach students and practicing clinicians.

We are proud to have created alliances with key medical professionals throughout the United States and Europe to better help serve your patients and we continue to do so in Canada as well.


Develop new research models for assessing whole-systems practices with many different medical conditions;

Establish practice-based research networks to validate the most successful applications of clinical prevention;

Ensure that emerging scientific evidence on new approaches to chronic pain is continuously integrated into Posturepro Method.


Create alliances with key medical professionals throughtout North America;

Collaborate with leaders in academic medicine to ensure the integration of Posturepro Method into medical schools, Colleges and residency programs;

Work with employers, insurers, and government agencies to implement pilot programs to demonstrate how the Posturepro Method will improve outcomes and reduce absenteisme and costs in the marketplace;

Educate and collaborate with policymakers to support initiatives aimed at transforming medical education, research, and practice.

Our goal is to provide explanations and solutions for chronic pain. In doing so, we aim to create communities of practitioners that will combine their skill set to maximize the function of their client’s global health.

We are dedicated to providing the most cutting edge techniques available in the field of preventative neuroplasticity, as well as maintaining leadership in the development of innovative new methods to treat chronic pain.

“You can’t build a house on a crooked foundation. “

Annette Verpillot

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Copyright 2019 Posturepro  |  Privacy Policy  

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