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Online Consult

Online consultation provide a personalized approach to improving your posture from the comfort of your home.

  • Pricing: $350 per session.
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Benefits: Tailored advice meets rapid, transformative results. In just 30 minutes, transform years of struggles, within a single session, witness significant progress and regain balance in life.

In-Person Consultations

Experience an in-person session with Annette Verpillot benefiting from hands-on guidance and direct feedback.

  • Pricing: $1500 per session.
  • Location: Consultations are held in-person at our current base of operations, which varies as our expert travels.
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Benefits: Experience  in-depth consultation in-person. Within a single session, witness significant progress and regain balance in life. Benefit from the convenience and expertise of personalized insights.

Online Courses

Learn from the comfort of home with a variety of Online Courses, eliminating travel costs and time. Gain lifetime access to our enriching content, including interactive sessions, downloadable PDFs, and comprehensive forums.

  • Pricing: Courses available in a range of options.
  • Course Highlights: Enjoy 24/7 access to content. Benefit from our extensive library through forums and webinars.
  • Benefits: Bypass the hefty expenses of travel and accommodation; learn from wherever you’re comfortable.

In-Person Courses

Participate in comprehensive in-person sessions, grounded in evidence-based methods. Directly engage with Annette, benefiting from immediate feedback and personalized guidance.

  • Pricing: Specialized packages and discounts available for bundled courses.
  • Course Highlights: Engage in hands-on learning with in-person training sessions.
  • Benefits: Ideal for professionals aiming to integrate our unique method into their own practice. Exclusive modules not available online. Plus, benefit from our added marketing segment.


Therapeutic Insoles – $400

Bestselling product to enhance posture while standing and sitting.

Lower Back Support – $139

Designed to activate the posterior chain and give you more energy.

Upper Back Strength – $139

Target rounded shoulders and anterior pelvic tilt.

Foot Activation – $114

Designed to stimulate nerve centers to increase local blood flow and lymph circulation.

Fix My Posture Bundle – $717

This bundle is the number one best selling solution for people that have pain or feel imbalances in their bodies.

Therapeutic Insoles for kids are an excellent way to counter the effect of shoe wear at school and at play.

I Want It All Bundle – $325

With this bundle, you can target everything! Best of all, you save 15%!

Bestseller Bundle – $476

Promotes nasal breathing by correcting tongue position.

One Size Fits All Bundle – $287

Have too many shoes and not enough insoles? We’ve got you covered!

Functional Activator – $297

Promotes nasal breathing by correcting tongue position.

Most Popular Programs

Embrace the groundbreaking intersection of vision and overall well-being with NeuroVision. Built upon brain-based rehabilitation principles, our program emphasizes the integral roles of sensory receptors like the vestibular, visual, and proprioceptive systems.

Jaw And Body Connection

Discover the profound relationship between the jaw and the entire body. Our comprehensive package offers in-depth annotated infographics, tutorials, and access to an exclusive members’ forum. Get listed on our esteemed trainer page upon certification.

Stand out with our neuroscience-backed approach to rehabilitation. The BCPC is a 5-part series that fuses the latest neuroscience with innovative movement and pain solutions. Benefit from expert tutorials, continuous updates, and an engaged community.


Are there prerequisites for any of the courses?

All our courses are designed for individuals keen on enhancing longevity. There are no prerequisites; anyone interested can join.

How is the brain-based approach different from traditional methods?

Unlike many conventional methods that focus on individual aspects of a patient’s health, Posturepro’s brain-based approach recognizes the essential role of sensory inputs from visual, vestibular, and somatosensory receptors in postural control. While many healthcare specialists cater to specific areas, we emphasize the interconnectedness of these systems. Our method changes how individuals relate to gravity, focusing not just on the musculoskeletal system but more profoundly on the nervous system. This results in rapid, enduring improvements.

Can I get a certification upon completing the courses?

Absolutely! We provide a certificate of completion for our courses. Additionally, we list certified individuals on our website, which garners over 6,000 views monthly.

How do Posturepro products assist in improving the nervous system?

Posturepro products are rooted in the understanding that optimal postural control stems from the seamless integration of sensory inputs. While many in the healthcare sector may compartmentalize care, our products are designed to improve the body’s relation to gravity and amplify the function of the nervous system. By emphasizing this interconnected approach, our products ensure not just musculoskeletal enhancements but holistic improvements that are both rapid and lasting.

How does body alignment impact athletic performance?

When the body is correctly aligned and the brain receives accurate proprioceptive input, it facilitates efficient movement and proper muscle recruitment. Subsequent training or techniques become even more advantageous, significantly boosting athletic performance.

Are there installment plans or discounts available for courses and products?

Yes, thanks to our collaboration with Sezzle and Splitit, customers can opt for a payment plan spread across 6 installments.

How can I track my order?

To track your order, visit: https://shop.posturepro.co/apps/track123

What can I expect during an online consultation versus an in-person one?

While online consultations offer valuable insights, in-person sessions permit a more thorough exploration of postural corrections. During face-to-face consultations, Annette can identify issues like leg length discrepancies and determine if the jaw plays a role in postural imbalances.


"Knowledge Worth Investing In - NeuroVision has transformed my approach to patient care, shedding light on overlooked aspects of health. An invaluable resource! Michael V. - "Masterful Teaching" NeuroVision is a masterclass in understanding the brain's influence on posture. It's revolutionized my approach to care."


"Life-Changing Comfort - For someone with arthritis, these therapeutic insoles are a blessing. Walking and moving is painless now. Highly recommended!"

Bob K.

"I did a zoom consultation with Annette and experienced tension relief in my neck that felt like 50 pounds were taken off my shoulders. No massage or other therapies gave me relief like this and I was able to do it myself which is even better. Everything she told me makes sense and in all the years Ive been trying to get pain relief nobody has ever considered my eyes or feet and how it all connects. Very happy so far."

Steven P. 

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Posturepro © 2024 – All Rights Reserved. |  Privacy Policy