Annette Verpillot

Posturologist | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Annette Verpillot

Posturologist | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Annette Verpillot is the founder of Posturepro, a health company specialized in restoring the brain-body connection. She is a Canadian entrepreneur, therapist, public speaker, and internationally recognized Posturologist. Annette has developed some of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques, and she teaches a method called Postural Recalibration to professionals in various fields.

Her unique postural evaluation system is recognized throughout the world for eliminating chronic pain, increasing strength, and improving sports proficiency.

She has worked with strength specialists, elite athletes and successful coaches from professional leagues and NCAA Division I sports, giving presentations to the following teams:

– the New Jersey Devils
– the San Francisco 49ers 
– the University of New Mexico Men’s basketball team
– the Florida Gators Men’s basketball team
– the UNC Charlotte’s Men’s basketball team
– the Xavier University  Men’s basketball team

Annette actively participates in research on posture, health, and performance, and her recent collaboration with McGill University’s School of Physical and Occupational Therapy was presented at the Movementis 2018 Conference at Harvard University.

She is currently working with researchers at the University of Montreal and at the University of Quebec in Montreal to test the benefits of her approach on two specific target populations: Parkinson’s patients and children with Developmental Coordination Disorder.

To spread awareness about the benefits of good posture to a broader public, she speaks regularly at major industry events, such as SWIS 2018 in Toronto and the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR) Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

Annette has also presented her methods at TEDX Montreal woman, Breakfast Television, ICI Television, and Collectively Beautiful. She makes guest appearances on podcasts and was recently featured on Muscle Intelligence. She holds a semi-regular spot on a local radio station. Through her teaching, speaking, and research, Annette continues to tackle global health issues and train professionals to have a lasting impact on clients and patients.

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