Posturepro Method

The body performs physical tasks every day. We walk, run, sit, twist and turn. Two realities allow for these activities to unfold naturally and effortlessly:

  • Contact of feet on the ground;
  • Need to see the horizon.

From these two realities emerge all movement possibilities.  The parts of the body responsible for allowing these realities to unfold are the feet and eyes.  

The foot allows us to stabilize our bodies in relationship to the ground and the eye allows us to see what’s in front of us.  When one of these receptors (foot and eye) is not working efficiently, the nervous system cannot extract optimal information to project to the muscular system.  The consequence is postural assymetries, which lead to poor mechanics and pathologies to joints, ligaments and muscles.

Feet and Posture


The part of the foot that is the most important is the skin.  It is in direct contact with the ground and is responsible for conveying a significant amount of proprioceptive information to the central and peripheric nervous system. 

The skin is often lacking sensitivity due to the fact that we have been wearing shoes (our whole lives) and that we walk daily on very even grounds.  Therefore, this skin loses sensitivity and our global body stability diminishes. 

The postural insole stimulates the skin of the foot with a frequency of 90H, which has been found to be the optimal frequency to produce this result. 

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Eyes and Posture

In optimizing health and performance, it is IMPOSSIBLE to overstate just how vital it is to have superior visual skills. 

Great vision is one of the most important, if not the most important, differentiators of mid-level athletes from great performers in virtually every sport and activity.

The reason for this is very simple as a huge dependence upon vision is a part of our hard-wired survival makeup.  Additionally, most researchers agree that 75-90% of most motor learning comes through the visual pathway at first.

The eye can be divided into two parts (visual and muscular).  The visual eye is typically addressed by an ophtalmologist and refraction problems and pathologies are accounted for.

The muscle balance of the oculomotor muscles is rather often unchecked.  An asymmetry of tension in these muscles leads to an asymmetry of tension of the muscles of the neck.  The two are connected neurologically.  

The collection time of visual information is up to twice as long with athletes who have eye tracking issues, and this could also contribute to learning disabilities.

Our program teaches what tests to do in clinic and most importantly how to correct convergence to get you and your clients back in the game fairly quickly.

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Jaw and Posture

The vast majority of health care professionals are unaware of the negative impact of mouth breathing on global health and sports performance.

The alignment of the muscles of the jaws and teeth can have a direct impact on a player’s performance and strength. 

The development of the jaws and all the functions attached to it, nasal breathing, chewing, suction, swallowing and phonation, will either puts various parts of the body either in a state of physiologic health or dysfunction.

Breathing is a key ingredient to human function and global health. It’s a human reflex we’re born with, and it is directly attached to our nervous system. 

When you switch to nose breathing, you improves the amount of oxygen delivered to your cells, inflate the entire lungs, including the lower lobes, which are connected to the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, the branch that calms the body, slows the heart rate, relaxes and soothes.



What makes Posturepro Method different than other training systems?

While the majority of classic therapy modalities concentrates on the musculo-skeletal system the Posturepro-method focuses on the way the brain communicates to the musculo-skeletal system. In doing so, Posturology allows you to treat the body as a whole allowing you to change faulty motor patterns and provide immediate results and permanent changes with your clients.



Can I practice Posturepro Method after completing Level 1?

Yes. Through a very simple technique and innovative technology you will have the tools at hand to deliver immediate results and change your client’s performance by Monday morning.

Through hands-on practice and one-on-one coaching with Annette Verpillot, you will leave with new tools and skills to produce dramatic results for yourself, your clients and your business.

Why does Posturepro Method focus primarily on the Central Nervous System?

The brain controls everything that you do. Your central nervous system is under a voluntary and involuntary system, and if you are looking to make changes in ROM, reaction time, stability, power, strength, mobility and speed the fastest path to getting there is to optimise the information to the central nervous system.

The nervous system has three important characteristics:

  1. The brain controls everything that you do.
  2. The quality of the movement  depends on the involuntary system that feeds the previous one.
  3. Once the central nervous system has been compensating for years , it needs to be re-programmed in order to change faulty motor patterns.
I have heard of people getting immediate results in just minutes. Is this really possible?

Yes. The nervous system functions at a speed of 2000 miles per seconds and your voluntary movement is the resultant of the way that your central nervous system process information.

When you target the sensors that are feeding the involuntary system it is expected to get immediate results with pain, orthopedic conditions and performance.


Ok. I am ready. Where do I sign up?

Visit our program calendar to select your program of choice. It’s that simple.



Copyright 2019 Posturepro  |  Privacy Policy  

Copyright 2019 Posturepro  |  Privacy Policy  

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