If you live out of town and are looking to be pain-free, you can now book a Skype call with Annette Verpillot. Whether you need advice regarding your own posture problem, are simply looking to have a better understanding of how your posture is the key to a healthier lifestyle, or are a coach looking to fix yourself and help your clients, Annette can help you find the best approach.


Whether you are a parent, a weekend warrior, a trainer, a coach, someone who works out regularly, or just looking to prevent injury and pain, this service can help you. What this service offers:

  • 30 minutes online consult session, one-on-one with Annette
  • Identify the cause of your pain and decrease pain symptoms
  • Understand the links between your posture and your symptoms
  • Solve pain and other posture-related issues that are contributing to the problem
  • Prevent future injuries and pain from occurring
  • Increase range of  movement and muscle tightness
  • Retrain your body to function optimally


How many sessions will I need?

That will depend on the methods of correction required in your case and on your motivation. In our private clinic we typically see an individual 6 times over the period of 12 months.

How quickly can I expect results?

Clinically, we have seen a decrease in pain between 60% to 85% in just one consultation. However, results may vary depending on the health concerns being addressed.

What do I need?

This service is offered on the Skype platform. You will need a Skype account as well as a high-speed internet connection and a video-conferencing device with a camera that can show your entire body (head to foot). Please make sure to wear comfortable athletic clothing for the consultation. Please provide any health details prior to the call.

How is this different from an in-house, in-person consultation?

Our online coaching packages offer a variety of services to meet your needs. The Skype service is an additional tool to help support those who can not meet Annette while she is travelling or come to the Montreal clinic. Please note that some treatment protocols incur additional costs.

What time will the Skype calls be scheduled in?

Posturepro is located in Québec, Canada. The call will be scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.

Ok. I am ready. Where do I sign up?

Click on this link to book your time slot. It’s that simple.


Annette Verpillot is the founder of Posturepro, a health company specializing in living your life pain-free. She is a Canadian entrepreneur, therapist, public speaker, and internationally esteemed posture specialist. Annette has developed some of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation and injury prevention training protocols, while also creating an international Posturepro training program. Full bio here.

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Copyright 2019 Posturepro  |  Privacy Policy  

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