You Can’t Built a House on a crooked Foundation.



Pain affects everybody, whether you are hurt or someone close. A report by the Medical Department of the University of Michigan found that eight out of ten Americans suffer from lower back pain. You may know a friend or family member who complains about daily neck or shoulder.

Does posture play a role in these widespread conditions? Your body’s alignment impacts your ability to resist gravity when you stand and move. Several studies have examined the matter. This paper, published in The Spine Journal found that lower back pain patients tended to have a misaligned lumbar curve compared to a healthy control group.

Another study from the Journal of The American Physiotherapy Association found that subjects with postural imbalances in the neck, shoulders, and upper back region demonstrated a higher rate of symptoms.

The Posturepro-method addresses the source of joint misalignment to help you resolve your chronic pain and improve the quality of your life.

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Injuries debilitate everybody. A single event can make you miss work days or part of your athletic season, and turn your daily life into a nightmare. Now, many injuries are preventable. Problems occur when the body fails to stabilize itself and absorb various types of pressure. Sound, resilient foundations limit the risk of getting hurt.

Posture care is a vital aspect of optimal injury prevention. This study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine noted that postural defects are a strong predictor of sports injuries.

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Increased Energy

The human body produces energy out of food. Your cells extract nutrients to fuel various functions ranging from movement to thought, immunity, and to withstand gravity. Now, an inefficient system will waste resources and eventually put the body in a state of lethargy. Optimal posture limits energy leaks every time you stand and move throughout your day.

This study published in the journal Chiropractic and Osteopathy noted that patients with a leg length discrepancy used more energy and oxygen when they walked.

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Improved Sports Performance

Athletes want to excel in their sport. They invest countless practice hours and train hard in the off-season to improve the technical and physical aspects of their game. Now, misaligned joints limit the body’s performance output. Optimal posture is an asset for athletes who want to outperform their opponents.

This study published in the European Scientific Journal found that subjects exerted higher hand force when standing than in other positions. The results demonstrate how body position affects grip output, a critical component of sports performance according to world-class strength coach Charles Poliquin.

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Reduced Stress Levels

Stress keeps everybody alive. The body secretes a hormone called cortisol to get you out of bed in the morning and throughout your day. Now, chronic overproduction of this essential function wreaks havoc on someone’s health. Posture control is a useful tool to mitigate stress response under negative pressure.

This study published in the journal Health Psychology found that subjects who had adopted an upright, seated posture in the face of stress kept higher self-esteem and reported a better mood than those in a slumped posture.

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Burnout Recovery

Recovery from a workout is as important as the session itself. Your body accumulates stress otherwise, and the fatigue results in overtraining, which in turn leads to a host of unwanted symptoms ranging from sore muscles to excess inflammation, and injury over time.

Many sports enthusiasts and professional athletes from all over the world already benefit from our unique method, as it helps them train harder and recover faster.



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