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NOV 15, 2012

Postural Insoles: The Science

Study have shown that the skin of the foot reacts to different frequencies.

Researchers were able to induce an impression of movement in individuals simply by stimulating the skin of the foot with a 90 hertz frequency.

When the rear foot was stimulated the subject reported feeling their body shift forward.

When the fore foot was stimulated the subject reported feeling their body shift backward.

When the mid foot was stimulated the subject reported feeling their body was levitating.

The 90 hertz frequency has been shown to not only improve balance but also to positively impact the center of gravity, overall stability and gait patterns.

It is from this very study that the postural insoles were born.


Postural Insoles: How Do They Work?

The aim of postural insoles is to change the way your brain communicates to your muscles.

The ascending sensory pathways form the skin of your feet makes it to the parietal lobe of your brain.

This information is then transmitted to the frontal lobe and to the motor cortex to improve motor coordination for better execution of movement.

In that sense, the postural insoles allow each foot to send the same information to the brain (frontal lobe).

Ultimately, this will also create a levelled pelvis and levelled shoulders.

This process is called postural recalibration, and it is highly efficient in increasing brain plasticity..

Orthotics Vs Postural Insoles: What’s the difference?

According to the Medline Plus report “Muscle Atrophy,” is when muscles waste away.

The main reason for muscle wasting is a lack of physical activity. The longer your arm or leg  is in a cast, the weaker your muscles become.

Common imbalance can occur as a result of prolonged immobilization.

The main role of custom orthotics is to align the ankle on top of the heel with the use of an arch support for a prolonged period of time.

Although orthotics can adjust the arch so that the ankles are mechanically positioned directly over the feet, they do not address the neurological components that are causing the structural issues with the feet.

The postural insoles work primary on the skin, their role is to stimulate the small mechanoreceptor in the deep and superficial layer of the skin with a 90 hertz frequency.

Because the mechanoreceptor are directly linked to the higher center in your brain they can stimulate the nerves in the muscles of the feet to naturally reform the arch and ultimately create an even stance.

Impressive results have also been seen in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and cavernous angioma.

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