Why Posture Correctors Won’t Fix Your Posture

25 MAY, 2020

Everybody knows an upright posture is essential. The importance of an aligned stance is an integral part of human wisdom.

Your mother may have told you to pull your shoulders back as a child. Perhaps a friend advised keeping your chin up through harder times.

An aligned body sets the tone for physical performance to pain-free movements, and spinal health, according to a study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Postural correctors have become a popular solution to the widespread misalignment problems of today. The artificial tension created by the straps allegedly prevents you from slouching.

Now, do these braces fix what caused the imbalance?

This article presents the real cause of joint misalignment and explains why you should steer clear of postural correctors.

The Rise of Posture Correctors

A quick search on Amazon shows a wide range of posture correctors ranging from straps to braces and even Bluetooth sensors that alert your phone when you fall out of line.

These tools may seem appealing for their simplicity. You wear the correctors, and all your posture problems go away. The problem is that they fail to address the real cause of body misalignments, which caused the issue in the first place. The correctors become band-aids used to fix a wound that needs stitches.

Studies show that the brain controls posture based on its analysis of the environment. This oversight enables you to withstand gravity and move efficiently. Sensors such as your eyes and your jaw send constant feedback about your surroundings, while the feet relay information about the ground.


The analytical centers of the brain process the signals and convert them into a command that sets the tone of all your muscles from head to toe. Posture misalignments occur when imbalances hinder this vital communication between your sensors and your nervous system. Your left shoulder is higher, and more forward than the other because your nervous system thinks you are somewhere else.

A posture corrector does nothing to improve your perception of the environment. Your brain still receives a faulty signal from the affected sensor that caused the issues in the first place, while the straps artificially pull you back. Your muscles lose function as your body grows dependent on the brace for support and you end up weaker than before.

Lasting Change with The Posturepro Method

Reap permanent results by working the system in charge of your posture, the brain. The Postural Recalibration Method addresses the root cause of pain and misaligned joints. This holistic approach assesses the sensors in interaction with your nervous system any time you stand and move, from the convergence of your eyes when you focus on a target to the position of your jaw, along with the weight distribution onto your feet.

Correcting these faulty signals elicits an aligned stance naturally. The pictures below show the some results experienced by our clients.

Take control of your posture now. Watch this TedTalk to learn how the Postural Recalibration Method can help you straighten your body and resolve your pain.

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Free Guide: How to Fix Rounded Shoulders 

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The causes behind poor posture.

Shoes and gait.

How tongue position and swallowing mechanics affect your body.

Free Guide: How to Fix Rounded Shoulders 

Download a copy of How to Improve your Posture right away by entering your email below:

The causes behind poor posture.

Shoes and gait.

How tongue position and swallowing mechanics affect your body.



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